Alopecia – Main cause of hairloss with men

FUE hair transplant to treat alopeciaAlopecia is hair loss from any part of the body for any reason. There are different types, ranging from thinning hair to total hair loss.

Diffuse alopecia (thinning scalp hair) prevails amongst seniors, both males and females alike.

Androgenic alopecia, likewise called “male pattern baldness,” can strike the more youthful in addition to older individuals. In spite of its manly name, women can get this condition, too. It’s hereditary, so having a family history can forecast if you might acquire it. In both men and women, it’s associated with having an excess of male hormones (androgens) around the hair follicles, which can block hair growth. Ladies are most likely to develop androgenic alopecia after menopause, when they have fewer female bodily hormones.

Many cases of hair loss are because of androgenic alopecia. Around 50 % of men by the age of 50 years and 15 % of women prior to the time they reach menopause have some degree of androgenic alopecia.

Alopecia location typically causes a few short-term bald patches on the scalp. It has the tendency to run in families and often strikes in childhood. The hair loss appears to be part of an immune system issue, in which the body’s natural defenses incorrectly attack its own tissue.

As soon as the hair has fallen out in certain areas, new growth is suppressed for weeks or months. This kind of alopecia in some cases has an effect on individuals who have other “autoimmune” illness like thyroid condition, lupus, or pernicious anemia. Occasionally, it might produce total scalp baldness (alopecia totalis) or overall loss of body hair (alopecia universalis).

Telogen effluvium is a kind of hair loss commonly associated with pregnancy, medicine use, life stress, or surgical treatment. It results in a bigger quantity of hair cycling into the resting (telogen) state where the hairs prepare to fall out. This kind of alopecia generally enhances by itself after a number of months.

Scarring alopecia is a form of hair loss that results in marking, where scared areas will not regrow hair. This kind of alopecia may have several causes. For example, fungus can leave long-lasting bald patches.

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