Crowns & Bridges

A cheaper aternative to dental implants: dental crowns are type of aesthetic structures which resemble the crowns of the teeth. They are actually caps which are placed on the teeth. They cover the teeth and restore the shape, size and improve the appearance as well as functioning of the teeth. Healthy smile with crowns -

Dental crown procedure

The dental treatment involves certain steps and it is generally done in 2-3 appointments – that is patients need to pay a visit to the dental clinic several times before the crwons and bridges are actually applied.

In the first appointment the dentist examines the dental health and respective teeth for which the crowns are to be made. If the crown of the natural tooth has lost lot of tooth structure then the dentist builds up the teeth so that crown can be placed properly. The root health is also checked and Root Canal Treatment may be recommended. The crown is shaped in the required shape by the dentist in the first appointment. Impression is taken and then it is sent to the dental lab for manufacturing of the permanent crowns. The temporary crown is placed on the tooth to protect the tooth till the permanent crown is placed. Crown and bridge -

In the second appointment which is usually after a week or two, the temporary crown is removed and permanent crown is placed. A dental cement is used to keep the crown adhered to the tooth. The dentist checks for the functional and aesthetic features post procedure. Patient is recalled after few weeks to ensure the functioning of the crown.

Types of dental crowns and bridges

There are various types of dental crown and tooth bridges available at dental clinics. The options ensure that patients can choose the one which is suitable for their dental condition as well as fit their budget.

  • Stainless steel crowns are the ones which can be used for the children and are also much more cost effective than the custom made crowns. Also, this type of crown requires lesser number of appointments with the dentist.
  • Metal crowns include the ones made with gold alloys, nickel, chromium or palladium. This type requires less removal of the natural tooth.
  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns can be matched with the color of the adjacent teeth in the particular quadrant. So, it looks nearly natural in the patient’s mouth.
  • All-ceramic crowns are one of the crowns providing the most natural appearance to the patient’s smile.
  • Zirconia crowns are the crowns which are made with the help of software. Therefore, there is no need of the impression like that in the other types of crowns.
  • Temporary crowns are used for a short period of time till the permanent ones are ready.
  • All resin crowns are one of the least expensive ones but wear within years.

How much are dental crowns?

Dental treatment of this type in the Irish and British market has got a range of prices which varies with the experience of the dentist as well as the demand of his expertise. The range of the cost of dental crowns varies from 200 euros to 2000 euros on average. The more improved the aesthetic features are present, the more the crowns are charged for by the dentist. Thus, zirconia tooth crowns are one of the prosthetics which have a lot of demand in the field of cosmetic dentistry in the recent times. Get your full mouth dental implant in Drogheda, Ireland.

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