Best dental implant systems

Dentistry, as many others in healthcare, is a continuously evolving and inventive field, where all advances are made on order to help make the overall patient experience and satisfaction better and more prominent. One example of this is the ever-growing area of dental implants, which are, quite literally, life-changing for a large number of people.

Best dental implant systemsDental implants are on the rise at the moment, and are an ideal solution to an ample group of people who are in need of different forms of teeth replacement. Its ingenuity lies in the fact that an implant practically gets embedded in one’s biological system – thus, providing a stable and long-lasting aid. (This process is called osseointegration, which means that the newly implanted material “bonds” to the bone and the jaw structure.) These artificial aids practically replace the function of the once present roots, which are, simply put, responsible for keeping the teeth in place, among many other things. Installing a tooth implant is a minor dental surgical procedure, which can be done on any patient unless it interferes with their previous medical history. The implant can give support to a single tooth, crown, or even bridges or complete dentures, depending on the measures of the reconstruction process, the number of implants and the number of teeth missing.

Considering that it’s a field of continuous success, several dental implant systems have been developed over the years by medical companies to suit the different demands and provide several alternatives. Many of these systems, understandably, have different characteristics, which sometimes make it a challenge to choose the best possibility there is for a full mouth dental reconstruction.

Nobel Biocare is one of the market’s leading systems and brands, having a history that spans over almost four decades. The company offers ‘classic’, steady solutions as well as inventive new techniques, with their NobelActive system being a particularly modern and recent option.

CAMLOG is another well-renowned and pioneer company when it comes to dentistry, having several of their original designs and elements patented at their inception – the most common knowledge being the Tube on Tube method and connection. Similar to Nobel Biocare, CAMLOG is also one of the leading figures of the dentistry market.

Wieland is yet another sought-after brand, their products are being used by prolific dentists worldwide, providing various types of opportunities and options to choose from according to the gravity of the situation.

All in all, dental implants are a durable, long-lasting, and not to mention highly aesthetic form of teeth replacement, which are definitely a lifelong investment. To reduce the cost of dental treatment you should consider Budapest, Hungary for a full mouth dental rehabilitation.

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