Dirty Little Secrets of Hair Transplants

Hair transplants tricksWith the amazing advancements in hair restoration surgery, hair transplants are on the rise.

Today’s hair restoration technologies are capable of impressive results, helping to revert hair loss of various causes.

Prices for hair transplants, however, remain high, so patients are circumspect in choosing the right surgeon and hair clinic when they decide to get a hair loss surgery.

If you’re among the patients considering a hair transplant, there are some dirty secrets of hair transplants that you ought to know about before going under the knife:

#1 Some Hair Clinics May Be “Pushy”

Some hair clinics may resort to all sorts of marketing techniques and marketing ploys to determine patients to have a hair transplant, but don’t exhibit the same motivation when it comes to discussing alternatives to hair transplantation.

If at any point during a consultation you feel like you’re being strong-armed into having a hair transplant, ask for a second opinion at a different hair clinic.

Not all clinics are the same, so finding a reputable clinic is one way to avoid being pushed into a surgery that you may not want or need.

#2 A Single Procedure May Often Not Be Enough

Depending on the extent of your hair loss and the progression of your hair loss, you may need more than one procedure to achieve a natural look, or you may need to repeat the procedure sometime in the future.

It is natural for people to need 2-3 surgeries in their lifetime, but some hair clinics may falsely claim that their results are permanent.

They’re only permanent in the sense that they’re not like a wig that you can take on and off, however, newly transplanted hair is not impervious to further hair loss in the future.

#3 It May Take as Much as 12 Months for Results to Fully Kick In

Don’t go into surgery expecting a complete do-over. Hair transplant is followed by months of awkward hair growth and full results may take 12 months to show up.

#4 Recovery Can Be Painful

Even though the surgery itself won’t hurt, recovery may be painful. Expect some swelling, scabbing, and itching of the scalp in the weeks after surgery.

Your hair surgeon will inform you about post-operative measures you have to take, but also some things you may need to refrain from like vigorous exercise, smoking or drinking.

#5 Some Patients May Need Medical Treatment as Well

In some cases, surgery alone won’t suffice, and your surgeon may advise a combination therapy that includes hair transplant surgery, followed by a few courses of hair loss medication like Propecia to maximise the efficiency of the surgery.

#6 There May Be Some Scarring

Depending on the type of surgery you’ll receive, there may be some scarring in the donor area. Hair surgeons will try to minimise the scarring, but not all scalps heal equally.

If you like to wear your hair real short, discuss this aspect with your hair surgeon before getting a hair transplant.

#7 Not All Hair Surgeons are Good

Despite being advertised as a minimally-invasive surgery, hair transplant is a difficult surgery the success of which largely depends on the skill and expertise of the hair surgeon.

Choose to have your hair surgery with an experienced and skilled hair surgeon at a clinic that guarantees successful outcomes.

#8 Hair Surgery is Time-Sensitive

There’s a time limit until you can get a hair transplant and that’s before you start losing hair in the donor area, which is the area in the back of the scalp.

There’s only so much hair that can grow in this area, so it’s crucial to get the surgery while you still have hair at the back of your scalp.

Final Thoughts

A bad hair clinic will be all hush-hush about these aspects, but a good clinic will inform you about the good and the bad of hair transplants, so you can take an informed decision.

When performed by an experienced surgeon on a patient that qualifies for a FUE procedure, the surgery can have excellent results, and no-one will ever know you got a hair transplant.

Therefore, do your research, ask your questions, so you too can enjoy perfect results!