Hair transplant in Dubai cost?

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How much does hair transplant cost in Dubai?

There is a wide range of fees charged for hair transplants in Dubai. Some low key clinics may charge AED 5 / graft (approximately €1.15). At the other end of the pricing spectrum, there are clinics charging up to AED 35 and more / graft (€8.1).

Proper Hair Transplant clinics with experienced and well trained doctors will charge an average of AED 12 to 15 per graft (€2.8 to €3.48). In contrast, in Budapest our hair clinic charges €1.73 / graft on average. The advantage over Turkey is the value for money ratio.

Choose wisely, choose Budapest, Hungary for hair restoration

Why choose our Hair Clinic in Budapest?

  • You can save 50-60% on UAE prices
  • You will get a written guarantee
  • You will get the latest FUE SAFE system hair loss surgery treatment
  • You will get attractively priced package including free accommodation and airport transfers
  • Our clinic has tonnes of reviews, testimonials and before and after images
  • Flights from Dubai to Budapest take less than 6 hours (Emirates and WizzAir)
  • We have a nice, experienced and professional team at your service

Reasons for a Hair Implants surgery

  • You have a Receding Hairline
  • Hair Loss is impacting your self-confidence
  • You want to lower the Mature Hairline
  • You want to get back your young look

What is FUE Safe System?

  • The FUE Safe System is the latest technology available
  • The FUE procedure is painless, affordable and scar free
  • The FUE procedure is available to those between the ages 22 and 65

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