Differences Between FUT / FUE to Treat Hair Loss

FUT vs FUE hair transplantScarring: When you use FUE, there is no visible scars on the scalp. People really love the fact that with Follicular Unit Extraction, they can wear their hair as short as they want it to be.

A faster healing time: You are able to return to work earlier with the FUE method. The healing process is only 1-2 weeks after the transplantation.

Hit the gym just like you always do: When you have the FUT method done to treat hair loss, you have limitations on what you can do. The FUT method is a surgical procedure and your doctor will not recommend you to do anything too strenuous while you heal. If you use the FUE method, you can have a much shorter recovery time, and you will not have as many restrictions with it if any at all.

Your hair choices are unlimited: When you use FUT, you are restricted to only to use your hair during the implantation. With FUE, the specialist can use hair from other parts of your body.

FUE hair transplants – it is not only the costs

The pain is less after the procedure: When you had a surgery with the FUT method, you basically had an operation on your scalp. People have reported that there is a lot of pain associated with this hair loss treatment. If you want to avoid pain during and after the hair surgery, you should choose the FUE and FUE Safe methods, these don’t cause any pain.

While some hair loss can be due to getting older, sometimes the loss of your hair has nothing to do with your age. If you are tired of trying to find ways of hiding what is happening to your hair than you can do something about. The Follicular Unit Extraction method is a hair loss treatment that involves no scarring, less pain, and a faster return to normal life in general with a thicker head of hair.

Regain your natural hairline and the density of your hair!

HairPalace Hair Transplant Clinic only use the most cutting-edge solution – the FUE2 Safe System – which offers pain-free treatment, no visible scars, and authentically natural results. However, just because our FUE2 Safe System hair transplants are advanced the transplantation costs can be affordable.