Why you (might) want a hair loss surgery?

Hair loss treatment

You might suffer from mature hairline… Everybody keeps asking why you are going bald. Some might even speculate that it runs in the family and it is heredetary. Some may comment that you are loosing hair because of stress which is fair to say in our life. When you ask doctors (dermatologist, trichologist) what you can do they do not encourage you as there is little they can do as hair cloning is not yet viable. This is when you start investigating underlying reasons and possible treatment options to stop balding and regrow your hair. You want to find cure for your hair problem and you bump into several options – whole industries are built up to satisfy the needs of those who want a better look.

Natural hair loss treatments

Let’s see what hair loss treatments you can find. Obviously most people will start with natural products and supplements. They try eating food rich in minerals and vitamins – these are the basics you need to make your hair go. You may try some lotions and hair loss shampoos and you discvover that DHT might cause the hair loss problem. You start taking supplements and DHT blockers as you realise that nutrition and supplements (saw palmetto) do not provide fast solution. Blocking DHT hormone might stop hair loss but they do not stimulate hair growth.

Medications to make your hair grow

Then you try Propecia and Minoxidil to both block DHT and make your hair grow. Now you start spending more money on your hair rejuvenation project. You try anything possible… You immediately dithch options like hair extensions, toupee even hair prosthetic as you want real solutions. Something that is affordable, painless and last for ever. Propecia qand Minoxidil are starting to cost a fortune – these medications bring you results and you can see some hair grow on the top of your head. You keep wondering how you would make hair grow on the front and temples. Then it turns out that the magic potions you use are effective while you use them but if you stop using them the previous conditions revert and for some ther migh be some side-effects.

Alternative hair loss treatments

By now you are getting disappointed as you are running low on budget and you see that it is going to be a long term investment. You give mesotherapy, dermaroller and PRP injections a try. They are helping a lot. Mesotherapy and dermaroller are used to let nutrients get into your body to nourish your hair follicles. Your hair might become thicker and more dense. Good job!

Now you look into the mirror and wonder how you could get a better look and how you can get back the original density of your hair. You hae a receding hairline and any of the options do not treat that. The proper answer to your question “How to make hair look thicker” and “How to lower your hairline” has always been in the forefront but you had reservations.

The answer is HAIR TRANSPLANT!

Hair transplant, the only lasting solution

What holds back from getting a hair transplant? You may suspect that the cost of hair transplant is very high and you cannot afford it. You have heard of famous people hair transplants and you speculate that they have enough money to pay for it. You might be right. If done in the UK or Ireland you need to fork out anywhere between £7,000 and £30,0000 on everage. In Irealand it costs on average between €10,000 and €20,000.

Where to get hair restoration then?

Now think about this! Who told you you cannot get the treatment elsewhere. If you are willing to travel 2-3 hours to get hair loss treatment in Budapest, Hungary you can save 50-60% or £3,000 and you will get high quality hair restoration using the FUE SafeSystem. This hair implant method is the latest technology to restore hair. FUE is safe, painless and it is affordable when done abroad. All it takes is a 1-2 days of hair loss surgery (your hair needs to be shaved) and you can go to work the third day. Flights from Dublin and UK cities usually take less than 3 hours. You do not have to worry about accommodation or transfers as the Hair Clinic takes care of both and they are included in the price!

Consider this: the most popular 2 day surgery package costs £3390 with all the cost included (except blood test and air fare) and everything is organised for you. You can even take a long weekend hair travel and you can start working on the next Monday. FUE hair transplant is the only LASTING solution to your hair problems.

Turkey for hair restoration?

BEWARE! If you plan to go to Turkey for hair transplant you have to be careful as many of the clinics do not use doctors for the surgery as they do not follow EU regulations strictly and assistants can do the whole job. Think of any complications and you will understand that PRICE alone is not enough. You will need safeguards to get that intervention without any fear and reservations. Price, quality and trust are the most important motivators to pick and choose your hair transplant clinic.