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FUE facts - pros and cons of hair transplantFollicular unit extraction (FUE for short) is the most commonly known hair transplantation technique. It has proven to be greatly successful in recent years, but it is a complex procedure and not without its risks.

Basic FUE procedure is about extracting the follicles from the donor are individually and transplanting them to the area of the head where there is less hair. FUE2, or SafeSystem FUE is different in that it uses more advanced technology.

SafeSystem was invented by Dr. James Harris of the HSC Colorado clinic. Grafts in this case are extracted by a miniature device (the SafeSystem), which resembles a miniature drill. It is more highly advanced as there is no need for cutting, follicles remain intact with a much higher chance, therefore the success rate of transplanting the follicle units is higher.

One of the greatest advantages of this technique is that is leaves almost no scars on the head of the patient. With traditional FUE technique there will be small non-pigmented dots on the head of the patient, but the SafeSystem solution manages to avoid this.

The technique also allows for much more follicles to be transplanted in the same amount of time, and the recovery time after the procedure is also shorter.

Still, it is a very time consuming procedure as the surgeon must be very careful when extracting the follicles. This is the reason why not many clinics use this highly advance technique: it not only requires extremely good hand-eye coordination on the part of the surgeon but also great experience and knowledge about the usage of the device.

Who is FUE hair transplant ideal for?

Young people, but basically everyone who likes to change their hairstyle. As the procedure leaves scares that are invisible to the naked eye it allows shorter and longer styles both. Without scarring patients will still have a great amount of options to choose from.

Those who had hair transplant earlier. Patients who underwent hair transplantation procedures beforehand are advised to consider FUE techniques – particularly SafeSystem FUE – as it will not add to the already existing scarring. FUT operations leave visible scars which can only be covered up by a longer hair style, and another FUT procedure only worsens the case.

In every case patients are advised to consult with professionals before deciding about which procedure they want to choose – every method is ideal for different people, and as with all medical procedures, it must be tailored for the personal needs of every individual. To get a free quote and a treatment plan please fill in our booking form.

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