Sudden hair growth of VIPs

The life of celebrities is not an easy one: your face is recognised all over the world and your stunning appearance is the most important thing in your life. You are ready to do anything for it and grab each and every solution to hide the signs of aging. Famous Tv stars are expected to have a ’screen appearance’ all the time. Nonetheless some celebrities do not care of reduced hair like Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson but many of them would be willing to do anything to stop it for a lifetime. For them, hair transplantation is the best solution.

Being an important person does not mean to naturally have a beautiful tonsure. There might be some kind of tricks to gain it and the most popular nowdays is hair transplant. Let’s see the list of VIPs who have benefitied of this modern technology to regain hair.

Declan Donelly the host of Britain’s got talent appeared with a much thicker hair all of a sudden. How did he do it? Has he used a brandnew shampoo? Certainly not! It was too obvious that he had a successful hair transplantation.

Hair transplant Wayne Rooney

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The famous football player of Manchaster United, Wayne Rooney also suffered from a bald pacth on his head. And he did not even hide his solution as he posted a photo right after the operation. What’s more he seems to be fairly satisfied with the result and would be willing to go under the knife again.

It was a shock for millions of women that even their sweetheart David Beckham underwent hair surgery when he realised that his ever changing haircuts caused him serious hair loss. And what maked is even more bizarre is that the hair transplanted on top of his head was his wife, Victoria Beckham’s hair.

Unfortunately hair transplant is not a good solution for everyone: Gordon Ramsay, the 45-year-old popular Tv chef’ attempt to regain hair failed altough he chose the best surgery in Beverly Hills and spent a fortune on the operation. Probably he had a serious rejection reaction to the certain therapy he had. Antonio Armani, the famous hair transplant guru claimed some people may have an inherent inclination to immunological reaction which cannot be foreseen.


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One of the first VIPs to go under hair surgery was the world famous British singer and composer, Elton John and he was also a pioneer to admit it in public. He said it was one of the best decision he has ever made in his life.

Some stars do not want to admit having hair transplant although it is totally evident. For example Matthew McConaughey the American actor appeared with a head full of hair all of a sudden and he affirmed he only used natural theraphies. Like Rob Brydon the Welsh Tv star also denied publicly that he underwent any kind of surgery although it was too apparent in the camera!

The great advantage of hair transplant is the forever lasting result and more and more people can afford to pay it so it is not the privilege of celebrities any more.

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