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Dental implant cost abroad UK vs Budapest, HungaryDental care under NHS may make UK patients consider going abroad for dental crowns and bridges or look for alternatives for dental implants in UK as the costs and prices may exceed their budget. Budapest, Hungary may be one of the options to consider – affordable prices, the country is within easy reach by plane and the quality of work done meets the highest requirements. Read the reasons below to start thinking about a dental holiday option to Hungary – an EU member since 2004 and the country is one of the hot spots dental patients visit for dental care for more than 3 decades now.

Dental implants cost UK vs Budapest, Hungary

Meet your dentist for a consultation in Budapest and have your dental treatment done in our dental clinic in Hungary! Save up on your local dental treatment costs: travel abroad and save at least 60% of your dental prices in your own country!

How much do dental implants cost in Hungary? Not the cheapest of all possible dental tourism locations, definitely – you need to consider the quality of the service provided and the raw material used. To make patients happy our cosmetic dentists use implant systems widely used in UK or Ireland – no low cost alternatives from non-EU countries! For more on costs please click the dental prices tab on the menu.

For larger, more complex dental work it is definitely worth going abroad for the dental treatment. Choose our dental clinic in Budapest, Hungary. You will save 60% on average and you will get high standard of dental services from experienced professional dentists using high quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to make patients happy and satisfied with 10 years of warranty on implantology work.

Cosmetic dentistry abroad – Hungary is the best option

You can see an implantologist within hours – low cost airlines make it possible to reach Hungary in no time! Please, allow us to give you two reasons at least to have your dental work done in Hungary: affordable prices and no wating list for your dental treatment! Book your flight now at one of the budget airlines like Aer Lingus or Ryanair and we will manage hotel and airport transfer for you! In less than 3 hours you will land at Liszt Ferenc Airport (Ferihegy) in Budapest.

Our driver picks you up, takes you to your hotel. It is so easy and hasslefree and you get the best possible treatment and hospitality in Hungary! Do not hesitate, book your flight now and make an appointment with us. We will manage the rest! La Porta Dental offers world class dental care, top quality general or cosmetic dentistry in Budapest, Hungary.

How does it work…? Simple and fast!

Please ask for an appointment by telephone, e-mail or skype.

Be kind and bring your recent x-ray with you. If you do not have one, no problem, we will make a new panoramic x-ray in our clinic. During the consultation we prepare your personalized treatment plan and quotation.

If you agree and accept the plan, the only thing remains is to select the most suitable date for you and book your flight. We do the rest, we arrrange the booking of the accommadation, the appointments in the dental clinic and your transfers in Budapest. A short flight from Dublin, Ireland and you can experience top hospitality, world class dental services and treatments for a very affordable and favourable prices in Hungary. Our staff will organize your further appointments, which will be of course fully adapted to your schedule.

Treatment and services in our dental clinic in Hungary

Prevention – counseling, cleaning, white-tooth coloured fillings, restorations, replacement of old amalgam fillings, teeth implants, porcelain – ceramic crowns and partial dentures, zirconium crowns and dentures, porcelain veneers, partial and full dentures, root canal treatment, teeth whitening. To get a set ofnew teeth you might need All-on 4 dental implants – a system which provides implant supported dentures (both upper and lower jaws) or implant retained bridges for a full mouth dental rehabilitation.

From prevention to after Care!

All this is now available for you from just a 2 and a half hour flight from the UK or Ireland. Pay a visit to Hungary for extremely favourable prices and take the advantages of this opportunity and experience our High Quality Dental Services!

Irish patients may take advantage of our Dental Clinic in Drogheda – visit our Ireland website for more.

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